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HYIP Program Name - Bit Instant
HYIP Web Site -
HYIP Plans - 500% After 1 Day
HYIP Payment Status - PAYING
Bitcoin  Ethereum  Litecoin  Payeer  Perfectmoney  
HYIP Site Description: Bit Instant Company is one of the few International Companies that offers a complete investment package in the Bitcoin industry. Bit Instant Company processes and catalogs information collected regarding the Bitcoin industry
HYIP Program Name - Stable Bitcoin
HYIP Web Site -
HYIP Plans - 2.15%-2.3% Hourly for 48 Hours | 5% Hourly for 24 Hours
HYIP Payment Status - PAYING
Advcash  Bitcoin  Ethereum  Litecoin  Payeer  Perfectmoney  
HYIP Site Description: We are conceptually new online investment project aiming to attain better financial results, high stability based on partner relationships and confidence. We are constantly moving forward and are never satisfied with what we have already achieved. Our foremost goal is to expand the range of our product groups and services.
HYIP Program Name - Double BITCOIN
HYIP Web Site -
HYIP Plans - 200% after 1 Days|800% after 2 days
HYIP Payment Status - PAYING
Advcash  Bitcoin  Ethereum  Payeer  Perfectmoney  
HYIP Site Description: Our program is created for those who want to improve their financial condition, but do not have economic education and are not the financial experts. Our team has been working in a sphere of BitCoin trading for 2 years and during this time has achieved good results and stable income. For further development and trading volume increase we have a demand in outside investments. We are engaged in wide array of financial activities with the main focus on high-yield corporate and bank promissory notes.
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